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Past  Events

January 19       Life and Legacy of Dr. MLK (NJ Orators)


February 1       Africa Speaks (Roots and Culture)

February 1       Take Your Child to the Library Day 

February 8       John Muller/Frederick Douglass (Book signing)

February 13     Love Letter to Count Basie

February 15     Read-In (A Letter to Harriet)

February 23     African American Culture w/Lunch Break

February 27     Book Club


March 1           Suffragists Speak

March 8           Count Basie Fundraiser

March 15         Suffragists Speak (Encore)

March 17         Buffalo Soldier Story

March 25         Women's History Film Festival


June 2              Where Do We Go From Here? (Discussion)


Sept 27            Love Letter to Count Basie (Exhibit)


October 28      Reimagining the Police (FB Event)


November 28  Black Saturday  (Shopping Day)

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