The T. Thomas Fortune Project is a group of concerned citizens throughout
New Jersey and beyond who came together in July 2013 to save the home of T. Thomas Fortune, a National Historic Landmark located at 94 Dr. James Parker Blvd in Red Bank, New Jersey. On Thursday, July 21, 2016 our dream became a reality when the Red Bank Zoning Board approved the plan of Roger Mumford to rebuild the T. Thomas Fortune house and create 31 apartments on its one acre property. We will be restoring the house, and creating the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center dedicated to diversity, advocacy, education and tolerance. 

Mission Statement:

Progress is the byproduct of truth and reconciliation and that is the business of The T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center.  It will advocate and advance the history of forgotten and unknown American voices who, in matters of social justice, reconciled that respect for all of humanity be the truth of this great nation.  Amplified through the work of newspaper publisher and social justice crusader, T. Thomas Fortune, the purpose of this Cultural Center is to allow his words and those of others to be heard today.  This is a way for all people to acknowledge the perils of colonization and slavery, Native American isolation and the social challenges of today.  The Center will be a repository that promotes the progressive amalgamation of humanity and dignifies the immigrant story.

Thanks to the support and generosity of people who understood the importance of protecting and preserving the rich history of our community, we will be able to fulfill our dream of opening this grand home!



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