T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center Tours

T. Thomas Fortune: A Voice for the Ages
A Tour of the T. Thomas Fortune
Cultural Center

The one-hour presentation reveals a compelling legacy of struggle and an insightful look at the evolution of racial equality in America through a historic timeline. 

Tours for the 2019-2020 school year begin October 10 (Thursday and Friday tours only).  Call 732. 383.5483 to schedule a tour.  

  • It amplifies the life work of T. Thomas Fortune, a trailblazer for social justice.
  • His work exemplifies activist citizenry through political organizing and the power of the pen used to speak truth to power that helped create equal opportunities for African Americans.
  • An engaging digital experience viewing the Fortune archives and other treasures.
  • Interactive – it brings the past directly into the present that promotes critical thinking skills.
  • Parting video: “America To Me,” by Steve Rogers, Producer of the PBS series “Driving Jersey.”

A visit to the T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center opens the door to a historical treasure trove.
From primary sources such as letters, with T. Thomas Fortune corresponding with President Theodore Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington, to formal invitations requesting his presence at prominent social affairs, his contribution to social change in America, is unprecedented. The highly respected, but controversial journalist and former Red Bank resident, who lived during the 19th and 20th centuries, will come to life at the Cultural Center.

Fortune’s writings (poetry, prose, speeches and editorials), heightens the empirical experience for students and adults traveling back in time, while learning how his voice is relevant to the 21st century’s cultural attitudes, politics, social justice, civil rights, empowerment and resistance that continues to define, “We The People.”

The presentation meets the Core Curriculum Content Standards. Social Studies – 6.1, U.S. History: America in the World; 6.3, Active Citizenship in the 21st Century. English Language Arts: RL-9-10-1- Reading Literature. To schedule a tour date email us at info@tthomasfortunefoundation.org

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