The mission of the T. Thomas Fortune Foundation is to preserve and further the civil rights and social justice legacy of T. Thomas Fortune through community outreach, education and public programming.


The T. Thomas Fortune Foundation was established as a nonprofit corporation to:

EDUCATE the public about the African American experience and about the impact of T. Thomas Fortune’s life and work as a journalist, author and civil rights activist;

ADVOCATE human rights and social justice broadly and in response to local, regional and national issues of the day;

PROMOTE better human relations and journalistic integrity among the upcoming generations of social justice advocates and truth tellers;

PRESERVE the National Historic Landmark and home of T. Thomas Fortune, as a Cultural Center to provide educational exhibits, research resources and programs, and as a gathering place for  community engagement, organizing and celebration;

MAINTAIN the Cultural Center through fundraising, grant opportunities, gifts, community collaborations and partnerships to sustain its operation.

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