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Teachers Prepare to Bring Students Back to Experience Living History

    The T. Thomas fortune Cultural Center hosted an energetic group of 65 teachers and administrators from The Amistad Summer Institute. During their visit, those in attendance got up close and personal with the history of T. Thomas Fortune, the Cultural Center as a resource, and the educational tours offered to students of all ages.

    A few of the teachers on this excursion were at the Fortune home years ago when the cultural center was nothing more than a thought, when the interior of the home had deteriorated and was stripped to its bare bones.  The newly restored center and its exhibits received praise from the visiting teachers who came from cities and towns across New Jersey and New York City.
     Visitors old and new were in awe of the often untold story of journalist, civil rights leader and orator T. Thomas Fortune, whose social justice spirit is alive and well at the home he dubbed "Maple Hall." 
    It's time for education to exist outside of the classroom. We look forward to having these teachers visit again with students in tow.  

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