join kids had family look at that girl’s dear that boy will beat her up easily I don’t think she should get into a fight with him no tofu the boy was wrong to have stolen her bag and the girl deserves a chance to get it back but she is a girl she can’t win against a boy like that she will get hurt just because she is a girl doesn’t mean she has to fear tofu girls also have a lot of courage and strength do you know a girl like that yes I do her name is Mulan Mulan who is she [Music] [Music] Milan lived in ancient China with her parents she was the only child her only companion was a dog called little brother Mulan’s father used to be a great warrior but he had hurt his leg in a war and couldn’t fight anymore one day a messenger came from the Emperor the Huns China’s army had attacked and at least one man from each army had been ordered to join the Emperor’s Imperial Army this was terrible news for mulan and her family as a friend that her father would have to go back to war that night when her parents had slept mulan had an idea [Music] she took her father’s sword and cut her hair off then she put on his Warriors uniform and she looked just like a man [Music] she took little brother and made her way to her Imperial Army’s campsite there she met captain li Shang what is your name thing sir very well then time to begin your training nan was delighted that everybody had accepted her as a man and started her training sadly she lagged behind all the other warriors you are not fit to be in my army you are slowing everyone down go back to your village [Music] returning to her village would have brought great shame to her family so Mulan came up with another plan [Music] she wrote a fake letter to the army saying that the Huns have attacked reading the letter li Shang ordered his army onward with me marched to the mountains we shall defeat the Huns forever as the army was crossing the pass that led to the mountains they found themselves surrounded by thousands of Huns we’ve been cheated the Huns were supposed to be in the mountains soon the entire Imperial Army was under attack Mulan had another idea she took the last cannon and let it there was a huge blast which destroyed most of the Huns but it injured Mulan too she was rushed to the doctors tent bring ping to this bed I will take care of him but there was a surprise waiting for the doctor [Music] oh my god Bing is one get me captain Lee Shang immediately the doctor told the captain what she’d found few days later when the army started moving Shang spoke to Mulan you have cheated me but you also saved the army in the passes hence your punishment is that you can no longer be a part of the army you will not come with us Mulan was very upset and heartbroken she needed to do something to save her family’s honor that’s when she heard the Huns voices oh no the Hanna’s are still alive I must warn the captain and so Mulan raced to Imperial City to warn Chang [Music] they are alive we must prepare for another attack from the Huns I cannot trust you anymore you have cheated me before you are not welcome here leave Mulan tried to inform the other leaders but no one would listen to her meanwhile the Hun leader Shan you attacked the city and kidnapped the emperor li Shang and Mulan treat the Emperor [Applause] [Music] mulan been enticed shan-yu to follow her to the rooftop [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] there she tricked him and grabbed his sword and pinned his coat to the roof as the two armies collided [Music] there was a huge explosion and the roof was destroyed taking with it shine you Milan fell to the ground when she sat up she saw that the Imperial Army had won and the Huns had been banished from the city forever the Emperor was very happy with Milan’s bravery and gifted her a sword as a token of appreciation [Music] Milan went home and presented the sword to her father who was very happy with the honor that his daughter had brought to the family suddenly there was a knock at the door [Music] it was captain li Shang he come to return mulan her helmet that she had forgotten Mulan invited him to stay for dinner and he graciously accepted so you see tofu girls can do anything they put their heart to tofu tofu are you listening to me yes dear I am I am just thinking how wrong I was to think that girls can’t fight well now you know so better be careful before you pick a fight with a girl next time [Music] yeah he won but why does wrong keep passing the ball to others he’s the best player on the day he could make more goals if he just takes the ball all the way by himself no tofu to win you always need a tiller every player is equally important on the team come I will tell you a story about the importance of teamwork once upon a time a girl called Dorothy lived in Kansas City she was playing with her best friend a dog named toto when a scary cyclone immediately Dorothy called out to total total hurry we have to get to the basement but before they could reach the basement the cyclone listed the house up and blew it away after some time it felt somewhere with the touch when Dorothy stepped out of the house she saw the house had landed on someone Oh No total happy how is she the house has landed on her I’m so sorry just then Dorothy and Toto heard people behind them rejoicing they lured the munchkins thank you thank you you have just saved us from the evil Witch of the East you have saved us all just then another witch appeared she was the Good Witch hello Dorothy you have done a great deed by saving all the munchkins let me know if you need any plain thank you could you please stand me how to go back to Kansas City that’s where I used to live well I can’t do that but I think the Wizard of Oz can help you with that just follow the yellow brick road it will lead you straight to him but before you go take these red slippers that evil witch of the east half you might need them Dorothee thanked the Good Witch took the slippers and made her way on the yellow brick road with toto [Music] she had only walked a bit when she came across a scarecrow hallo I am the Scarecrow I have everything I want except a brain my head is only filled with hay hello scarecrow I am going to The Wizard of Oz why don’t you come with me he might be able to help you and so jority was joined by the Scarecrow [Music] we had walked a few miles when they met the tail woodcutter [Music] I want a heart when my maker made me he gave me everything but forgot to give me a heart I wish he hadn’t forgotten that we are going to The Wizard of Oz we are going to ask him for a way for Dorothy to get back to her home and for brains for me why don’t you come with us and so the tin wood cutter also joined them [Music] they had walked for some time when they heard total barking he turned around to see that lion had attacked Toto get away from my dog you nasty lion lion whimpered and ran away to a corner oh no you aren’t a brave lion at all are you no I have no courage I wish I had some we are going to the Wizard of Oz we will ask him for a brain for the Scarecrow away for Taraki to get back home and a heart for me come with us we will ask him for courage for you the lion agreed and they all continued on the yellow brick road [Music] [Applause] [Music] they kept following the road and reached the Emerald City they locked on its big gates a God appeared the weather doesn’t meet anyone but he has agreed to meet all of you [Music] and so all the friends went to meet the wizard [Music] they told him how and why they had come to meet him Thank You Dorothy for freeing the Lance from the evil Witch of the East but I will grant all your wishes when you free us from the evil Witch of the West too [Music] the friends agreed to the Wizards terms and left to find the evil Witch of the West [Applause] [Music] but the evil Witch of the West had heard about what had happened to the evil Witch of the East she also knew about Dorothy and her friends plan to kill her she planned an attack on them she sent a back of a scariest woods to stop them the tin wood cutter stepped forward this is a job for me everyone stay back the woodcutter hacked at the woods with his axe till they all ran away the Wolves had just left when the skies became tough and many fools started coming down to pack at them all this time the Scarecrow stepped forward and scared all the crows away next the evil witch sent flying monkeys before anyone could do anything the monkeys grabbed them all and took them to the evil witch’s castle so you’ve come to kill me huh how will you do that the woodcutter is lying in a pile over the stones I have emptied the Scarecrow and strapped the Cowardly Lion to pull my oh you are so evil what a horrible person you were saying so Dorothy grabbed the bucket of water that was lying there and threw the water at the witch I know you threw water over me I am going to shrink and mess help me I’m melting oh my god I’m melting help me and so the evil witch of the west melted away as that happened all her slaves became free they repaired the woodcutter filled the scarecrow with hay and released the lion [Music] jarate and my friends went back to the Emerald City the Wizard of Oz welcomed them and granted the wishes of the Scarecrow the woodcutter and the lion what about my wish how will I get back home you don’t need me for that you had the power all along just click your heels together tries until the slippers where you want to go they will take you there the Dorothy was excited to go home she was sad to leave her friends she said a tearful goodbye to them then she picked up Toto in her arms and clicked her heels together three times and told her slippers to take her home so you see tofu if all the friends hadn’t worked together they would have not been able to defeat the evil Witch of the West yes Tia I now understand the importance of a deal [Music] [Music] lucky cat if the other boys hadn’t come she would have lost the fight she should have just run away instead of fighting with such a big dog she was bound to lose against a dog I don’t think so truthful God’s are more powerful than cats TIA maybe so but when you have courage and fight with intelligence you can win against anyone the Jungle Book once in the heart of the thick jungle lived a little boy called Mowgli he did not blow to the jungle as he was a human child [Music] yet he grew up with a family of wolves his mother rahkshi cared for him as she cared for her other parts careful moogly or you fall of the ridge no ma I won’t see you later and so boldly took off into the jungle to find his friend and teacher Bagheera [Music] when Mowgli had been a small baby no more than a year old he had been found and saved from the forest fire by Bagheera of course nobody knew who Modi was but they always believed he gained from the man village at the outskirts of the jungle Bagheera had handed over Mowgli to the wolves so that he could have a family to grow up with since then Mowgli had learned the ways of the jungle from his family and his friends Bagheera and Baloo he ran like them hunted like them climbed trees like them and also spoke like them hello Bagheera what are you going to teach me today I won’t be teaching you today today Baloo has something planned for you let’s go fishing in the river hello Baloo let me get a stick to make a spear for fishing you don’t need a spear to fish but it makes it easier you can’t do it like that Mowgli that is not our way then how is it that I know how to make a sphere Bala who taught me that as usual Bagheera and Baloo did not have an answer to Mowgli’s questions the forest fire had started and destroyed the man village [Music] and nobody lived there for a long time [Music] Bagheera had tried many times to find someone to return the child to but no one was there when the Willetts settled again the men could shop barbed wire fences and lay traps to keep the animals activity although the animals couldn’t understand why all the creatures of the jungle had always maintained a safe distance from the humans they never meant any harm to them in any case the fences and traps made it impossible for Bagheera to return the child back to the human world okay we will do it without a spill let’s go [Music] the trial set off to the riverbank their values showed Mowgli how to catch fish without a stare bollywood swiftly duck his head into the water and come out with fish in his mouth Mowgli gave it several trials before he was successful the day passed in the lesson and they decided to head back to the world back they had almost reached home when Bagheera alerted the other two there was someone in the bushes ahead in the far right soon the others could see a pair of fierce eyes with a scar that ran across the left one emerging from the bushes then the whole figure stepped ahead Ron Mowgli from immediately Baloo and Mowgli took off towards home [Music] leaving Bagheera to fight the large villainous tiger Shere Khan [Music] Agia and Shere Khan immediately left at each other Shere Khan hadn’t expected Bagheera to be so strong and was taken by surprise when he managed to throw Shere Khan against a large tree the elders of Wolf Pack soon joined them Shere Khan knew he was injured and outnumbered you might have saved him today but the human belongs to me I will come back for him Shere Khan what are you doing here this is not your territory no territory can keep me out on the next time I come I will not spare anyone who stands in my way [Music] the jungle knew that shake hands threats were not to be taken lightly and soon worry spread in the Wolfpack regarding Mowgli stay and the packs future I can’t defend myself I will not let any harm come to my family and friends I know a way to put an end to this Mowgli gathered Bagheera and Baloo I know how I came to the jungle I have seen shere Khan’s eyes only one time before in my life he attacked our village when I was small to scare him the elders used to fire but he took me and escaped and the whole village caught fire when my father followed him to save me he killed my father that is why the villagers have bought tracts and fences now yes but now we will stop Shere Khan forever we know where he sleeps in the day at the foot of the small mountain on the other side of the river [Music] the Bulls feed on the grassy slopes of that mountain if we can scare them to run down the mountain Shere Khan won’t stand a chance that is a good plan Mowgli the trial assured the others that they had found a way out of their troubles and like tomorrow night all will be fine early next morning the three set up for the mountains they went around it and climbed it from the other side so that no one could see them coming once on top of it they could see the birds eating the grass ah the three left at the quiet bulls and rushed towards them screaming so loudly that the Bulls got scared and started running down the hill to escape from them the plan was working the whole mountainside shook and rumbled under the stamping of the Bulls this woke up Shere Khan he saw the Bulls rushing towards him there were scores of them scared he started running away from them he is trying to get away I won’t let him [Music] Mowgli took the tress and swung himself from branches of one tree to another [Music] on the other side Shaymin couldn’t keep ahead of the bulls their sharp horns poked him and he got trampled under their feet one would have died but Shere Khan wasn’t an ordinary tiger he was evil and trickery was his second nature he latched on to the horns of one bull and tugged at him agitated the bull threw him aside and over the side of the plateau Shere Khan held to the edges of the plateau and started climbing up he had almost made it when a small tree trunk hit him in the face he lost his grip and fell to his death it was Mowgli he had reached the spot and found a small tree uprooted by the bull stampede with his quit thinking he had thrown Shere Khan to his end [Music] he had saved himself and protected the entire jungle from the tyranny of the swilling Bagheera Baloo and Mowgli returned to the Wolfpack where everyone rejoiced on hearing what had happened so you see tofu to win you don’t always have to be the strongest if you have courage and think intelligently you can win against anyone yes dear now I understand what you made shall we go down and play with our friends now yes let’s go [Music] did you have a good birthday TOEFL yes very much and look at all the lovely gifts you’ve got yes why what’s wrong nothing is wrong but I just thought my mom could have got me a better gift than the single rose flower tofu that’s not a nice thing to say you didn’t notice her love for you that made her fly all the way across the country to be with you today now but that’s not a gift maybe you’ll think differently once you hear the story of The Snow Queen [Music] The Snow Queen once upon a time in a small village lived two neighbors who were best friends till their names for Gerda and cake they loved each other a lot as a symbol of deep friendship and love one day they both planted a rose plant each in their front yards every morning they would get together and water their plants and take care of them [Music] when winters gain Gerda invited Kay why don’t you come over in the afternoon my grandma has promised to make us a cup of hot chocolate and tell us a story okay Gerda I will come over after finishing my chores [Music] as promised Kay went to Gerda’s home in the afternoon tell us the story of The Snow Queen grandmama bah there is no Snow Queen do you still believe in such stories little did he know that the Snow Queen did exist and she had a magic mirror with which she could look at anybody and right at that moment she was looking into Gerda’s living room where they sad doesn’t believe in me does he I will send him my ice arrows that will turn him cold all the love will be gone from his eyes and his heart will freeze over and The Snow Queen sent her ice arrows two words came as soon as they entered Gerda’s home they went straight for Kay’s eyes and heart ouch my eyes what’s happening they hurt what is wrong key ouch my heart it hurts too okay what’s wrong are you okay suddenly Kay’s whole behavior changed towards Gerda oh stop being such a wimp Gerda nothing is wrong get away from me same so he shoved Gerda aside and went home over the next few days he would give cold mean looks to Gerda and would never talk to her nicely he wouldn’t even come to tend to the roses that they had planted one morning when their dog was watering the plants she saw him get into a carriage with a lady who was wearing a white gown she had skin like diamonds and her hair was silver white Gerda immediately knew that it was the Snow Queen [Music] she decided to follow her but the carrot just vanished into thin air so she went to her grandmama sure take this hand Mira and follow what it tells you the mirror only tells you the truth Gerda tripped the mirror from her grandma and looked into it the mirror told her to find the flower garden so Gerda went looking for it [Music] meanwhile once The Snow Queen reached the palace she told Kate to make it his home from now on this is your home now you will never leave here and once your heart freezes over here will be mine forever back in the village Gerda found the flower garden and entered it [Music] the garden was full of the most beautiful flowers Gerda had ever seen she fell in love with them immediately but there was no smell of the flowers surprised Gerda bent down and touched one of the flowers to understand if they were real as soon as she touched one flower the fragrances of all flowers returned and the flower lady appeared in front of her thank you you have returned the fragrance of my flowers who are you I am the owner of this daughter I am the trouble lady can you help me have you seen my friend Kay pass through here it has been taken by The Snow Queen I know the Snow Queen she is one who had taken away the fragrance of my flowers I did not seek a cross from him but you should try the river outside the village Gerda thanked the flower lady and went to the river [Music] there she saw a boat waiting for her she climbed into the boat and it took her to the pirate ship [Music] aboard the ship Gerda saw many pirates including a girl pirate hello can you help me I am looking for my friend game The Snow Queen has taken him I don’t know any cape and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you because once about the pirate ship you can’t go anywhere you have to be here no please you have to let me go jay is my friend I have to save him friend you say yeah well I have never had a friend okay I will help you if you promise to be my friend yes of course I would love to be your friend okay then thank my reindeer he is the fastest reindeer in the world and she knows where the snow Queen’s palace is Gerda thanked the pirate girl and climbed on the back of the reindeer just as the pirate girl had promised the reindeer had Gerda outside the snow Queen’s palace in no time [Music] get out got off the reindeer and went inside the palace okay okay are you in here [Music] what are you doing here [Music] I am here to take my friend back with me your friend doesn’t exist anymore look at him standing there in the corner just in a few minutes his heart will freeze over and then he will be mine forever Gerda turned to see where the Snow Queen had pointed in the corner stood King his lips were blue and eyes were steely cold [Music] good I rushed to him okay it’s me your friend when Kay didn’t reply she reached out for his hand his old friends touch returns the color in Kay’s eyes [Music] encouraged by this change Gerda pushed on remember all the times we had fun at home Anna roses that we have in the front yard there is no point in all this his hot hearth free soon hearing this Gerda broke down and started crying as she was crying her tears rolled down from her eyes and on to the hands of k as soon as that happened Kay looked up at Gerda and smiled Gerda my friend you came for me this is impossible nothing can ever turn my cars over she tried to pull further away from game and that’s when grandma’s Mira they’re out of girders pocket when the Queen looked into it it spoke to her Snow Queen you have been mistaken there is one power stronger than your curse and it is the power of love [Applause] hearing this truth the snow cream started crying and soon dissolved in a pool of her old tears whoa now I feel so terrible Tia I think I have not been fair to Pratt mom well you still have time to make things better tofu yeah you’re right dear I will go to her and apologize right away don’t forget to give her a kiss and a big hug hey tofu do you want to come with me I just saw my piggy bank has a last one to buy new books and toys for the children at the orphanage you can help me buy and distribute the goodies you are going to give away all your series to other children how can you do that do you want to buy something for yourself tofu we can’t always think of ourselves sometimes we have to help those we do not have the same names as us let me tell you a story of kindness [Music] this is a story from a long long time ago in Nottingham England when Prince Richard ruled the country his younger brother Prince John was a wicked prince who took care of the state while the king was a babe for Wars Prince John was unkind to common people of Nottingham and had no consideration for the poor under his charge the rich became richer while the poor became poorer the Pula had no savior to save them other than Robin holy or the hooded teeth as he was popularly known Robin Hood had a trusted companion cause little Johnny [Music] Robin Hood would drop the rich merchants and the princess caravans that carried the huge taxes collected from the poor as they crossed the Sherwood Forest which was the home of Robin Hood on the way to the princes Treasury and he would distribute the loot amongst the poor his generosity earned him the name Prince of Thieves amongst the common people and also many rewards that were announced by the sheriff for his capture but this did not stop Robin from doing his good deeds one day when Robin Hood and his friends had dropped the princess Caravan again the Prince called the Sheriff of Nottingham to the palace this is the last time Robin Hood has humiliated my men and me Sheriff what are your troops doing why haven’t they caught that thief as yet we are doing everything your highness I assure you we will have him soon you should otherwise someone else will be punished the sheriff made a new plan with his men he decided to announce an archery competition to be held in Nottingham and the winner would be announced as the best archer in Notting Hill and also win a kiss from the maiden Marian [Music] one day Robin Hood’s friend doc came to visit him have you heard of the archery competition that the sheriff has announced for tomorrow yes we have friar and the men and I think Robin shouldn’t go to it it is a trap laid by the sheriff all of England knows that Robin Hood is the best archer by far Robin doesn’t need to go and prove anything there you worry too much Little John lighten up we will go and have some fun tomorrow and to ensure that no one recognizes us we wear disguises and so the next day Robin Hood and his friends wore disguises and went to the competition just as Robin Hood had predicted no one was able to recognize him [Music] soon it was Robin Hood’s turn to shoot the arrows he took the first shot at the board and hit bull’s eye the crowd cheered for this unknown Archer then he took another arrow and shot it again this one to hit bull’s eye the crowd cheered louder the cheering thought the sheriff’s attention and he turned to see what the matter was bye now Robin had drawn his third arrow and took a shot it do hit the bull’s eye [Music] when the fourth arrow also did the same the sheriff realized something that is no stranger that is who Robin Hood no one can shoot four arrows in a row like that grab him men [Music] the whole crowd broke into a frenzy as the sheriff’s men arrested Robin Hood off with his head but Little John moved like a lightning flash and grabbed the Prince and put a knife to his throat release him immediately the sheriff’s men had no choice except to let go of Robin Hood the Prince of Thieves and his friends hollered and made their way out of the archery field but not before Robin Hood climbed the audience Tower and stole a kiss from the maiden Marian [Music] [Music] back at the Sherwood Forest Robin Hood and his friends got together and celebrated you were right Robin Hood today was a lot of fun the sheriff had this coming I am sure you surprised made in Marion – well not as surprised as the prince is going to be when he finds out that we stole four bags of gold from his treasury during the sheriff’s archery competition everybody laughed heartily Wow Tia this is such an inspirational story about being selfless and helping the helpless I am going to change my ways from now onwards I am so proud of you tofu that is such a great decision keep doing good deeds [Music] the boys in my class are very mean to me they are so tall and big that I always have to listen to whatever they say I am afraid to disagree with them size has nothing to do with courage tofu you don’t have to be afraid just because you’re short have you heard the story of Peter Pan Peter Pan once upon a time in London the darlings went out to a dinner party leaving their three children Wendy John and Michael at home after Wendy had tucked her younger brothers John and Michael to bed she went to read a book she heard a boy sobbing outside her window he was flying [Music] there was a little fairy pattering around him when he opened the window to talk to him hello who are you why are you crying my name is beatta pan my shadow wouldn’t stick to me don’t worry come inside Peter agreed [Music] Wendy took his shadow and sewed it to his shoe tips now his shadow followed him wherever Peter Pan went he was delighted thank you so much why don’t you come with me to my home the Netherland I lived there with my fairy Tinker Bell oh what a wonderful idea let me wake up John and Michael – could you teach us how to fly yes of course get them we will all fly together and so it was five little figures flew out of the window of the darlings and headed towards Netherland as they flew over the island B Tappan told the children more about his homeland that Islanders Netherland all the children who get lost come and stay with Tinkerbell and mean the Indians also live in Netherland the mermaids live in the lagoon around the island and a very mean pirate called Captain Hook keeps troubling everyone Captain Hook yes a crocodile bit off his one arm so the captain had to put a hook in its place since then he’s afraid of crocodiles and rightly so if the crocodile ever found Captain Hook it will eat up the rest of what it couldn’t eat the last time soon they landed on the island [Music] under the surprise of Wendy John and Michael B Tappan led them in through a small opening in a tree inside the tree was a large room with children inside it some were huddled by the fire in a corner and some were playing amongst themselves the faces lit up when they saw Peter Pan Tinkerbell and their guests hello everyone this is Wendy John and Michael they will be staying with us from now on hello Wendy John and Michael a few days passed and be settled into a routine Wendy would take care of all the children in the day and would go out with Peter Pan and her brothers in the evening to learn more about the island she would cook for them and Stitch buek clothes for them she even made a lovely new dress for Tinkerbell [Music] one evening as they were out exploring the island beatab and warned everyone and said high tide pirates and they’ve kidnapped the Indian princess Tiger Lily they’ve kept her there tied up by the rocks and the other water betta was afraid and the princess would drown if she fell into the water so in a voice that sounded like Captain Hook he shouted instructions to the Pirates who guarded her you fools let her go at once do it before I come back or else others hope each one of you into the water the Pirates got scared and immediately released the princess she quickly dived into the water and swam to safety of her home soon everyone found out how Peter Pan had rescued the princess [Music] when Captain Hook found out how Peter Pan had tricked his men he was furious and swore to have his revenge that night Wendy told Peter Pan that she and her brothers wanted to go back home since they missed their parents she said if the Lost Children could also return to her world they could find nice homes for them Peter Pan didn’t want to leave Neverland but for the sake of the Lost Children he agreed although a bit sadly he would miss his friends dearly [Music] [Music] the next morning all the last children left with Wendy John and Michael but on the way Captain Hook and his men kidnapped all of them he dyed them and kept them on one of his ships as soon as Peter found out about it he rushed to the ship he swung himself from a trees branch [Music] and on to the deck of the ship when all the children would died up he swung his sward bravely and threw over the Pirates who tried to stop him quickly he released everyone from the captors dies Wendy John Michael an Tinker Bell helped all the children into the water where their friends from the Indian camp were ready with smaller boats to take them to safety Peter Pan now went looking for Captain Hook let us finish this forever hook yes Peter Pan you have caused me enough trouble it is time that we finished this with his sword drawn he raised to words Peter Pan quick on his feet Peter Pan stepped aside and pushed hook into the sea where the crocodile was waiting to eat the rest of Hook everyone rejoiced as Captain Hook was out of their lives forever everybody headed back to London mr. and mrs. darling was so happy to see their children and they agreed to adopt the lost children they even asked Peter Pan to come and live with them but Peter Pan said he never wanted to grow up so he and Tinker Bell will go back to Neverland do was it as some time Peter Pan I will Wendy promised and he flew out of the window with Dinka Bell by his side [Music] Thank You TIA I feel much better the next time the boys are mean to me ever find a nice way out very good tofu now come I can see mom’s car right there tear and tofu are going on a school trip while traveling in the bus I am so excited tear this is my first school camp it’ll be so much fun tofu I know you are excited but you should remember what parents told us we have to be safe and careful throughout Tia I am a big boy and this is my first adventure I’ll be cautious throughout I promise I am so happy we are going together lalalala it’s a camp tofu so I don’t want you wandering around alone at all we’ll have lots of fun but we’ll stick together and be like a team like Batman and Robin like Hansel and Gretel Hansel and Gretel I haven’t seen that movie it’s not a movie little one it’s a story of two siblings just like us I think this is the best time for me to tell you this story so sit tight [Music] hansel and gretel once a poor woodcutter had a son and a daughter named Hansel and Gretel one day they get an evil stepmother [Music] one night the stepmother tells the woodcutter the kids eat too much we’ll be starving soon so let’s leave the children in the forest and get rid of them what are you saying no but the wife was very persistent and she kept talking until he was convinced Hansel overhears their conversation so that night Hansel goes out and collects shiny white stones we’ll find our way back home stop crying Gretel Hansel tomorrow we are going to die what do we do don’t worry we will survive good night Gretel Hansel hides the stones and sleeps the next morning the stepmother takes the kids to the forest [Music] Hansol keeps dropping stones on the ground thinking we can follow these stones home children weights by this big tree just sit quietly here and I’ll be back to get you but she never comes back to get those next wait for nightfall Gretel I dropped a trail of white stones all the way here so with the moonlight shining on them we could get back home I am so scared so at night Hansel and Gretel follow the shiny stones out of the forest [Music] the stepmother was secretly angry a few days later the stepmother again tricks the children let’s go have a picnic in the forest here take this bread to eat later we’ll go in the morning this time the stepmother locked their room at night and so Hansel couldn’t pick up any shiny stones next morning on their way to the forest Hansel crumbled his bread and left a trail of crumbs instead [Music] deep in the forest this looks like a good spot you both can take a nap here while I go and cut some wood Hansel and Gretel knew she wouldn’t come back again [Music] they slept and waited for nightfall again when they woke up the birds and wild animals had eaten up all the crumbs now we will never find our way home I am so upset for us Gretel Hansel don’t lose hope let’s walk and maybe we find our home [Music] [Music] after walking the entire day they find a small house look there a cookie house Wow oh the house is made of chocolate with a roof of cake and sugar windows come come the hungry children didn’t even stop to think I want a big piece of the cake roof YUM suddenly they hear a voice children come inside you seem hungry I’ll make you yummy food right now the lady was an evil witch the kids go in the house with her [Music] it’s a trap I like to eat kids I made this house to lure you in now i’ll fatten the boy up and make a tasty treat for myself her eyes were red she had terrible eyesight but a good sense of smell she locks Hansel in a cellar she makes Gretel do all the housework all the chores Hansel and Gretel cried and begged but she had no mercy on them [Music] come on girl cook something delicious for your brother you should be fat enough to be cooks by the end of this month a week past Hansel ate delicious food while Gretel was always hungry [Music] every morning the old witch went to Hansel cellar and shouted show me your fingers boy let me check how much fatter you’ve gotten but Hansel would always stick out a little bone for her to feel because the witch couldn’t see very well she was furious that Hansel was staying so thin [Music] one day she lost her patience and shouted at Gretel I don’t care anymore I’ll cook thin Hansel today and eat him anyhow and start the oven Gretel had no choice and she started doing what the evil witch told her [Music] now get in and see if the water is boiling enough how can I get inside the oven please show me so that I can check the water stupid girl what is wrong with you it’s so easy [Music] [Music] look you just need to step here and ah Gretel cleverly pushed the old woman in the oven and shut the door the vicious witch burn to a crisp Gretel rushed to the cellar and set Hansel free Hansel my dear brother the witch is dead now let’s run out of here and find our home how happy they were while running out of the house they saw wooden chests all over in the witch’s room they were filled with gems and gold [Music] the children fill their pockets with as many gems as possible and left the house [Music] Hansel and Gretel walked for a few hours when they got to a bridge that they knew well and was close to their house Hansel and Gretel could finally see their father at the port looking miserable because his wife had died my dearest children I’m so happy you both are alive I am sorry for letting you go the three hugged and precious gems started to fall out of Gretel’s pockets both the children empty their pockets in their father’s lap they told their father about the evil witch and how they got her treasure oh my god I am happy my kids came back safe I will never leave you alone now finally they could have a carefree life and lived together happily ever after Oh witches are scary we are about to reach the forest come very soon don’t leave my hand when we go hiking in the forest I want us to be like Hansel and Gretel I promise not to go anywhere alone does this forest have a cookie house or a witch tear tofu it’s just a story Hansel and Gretel shared an adventure like a team don’t worry about any witch it’s just a camp I hope we find a cookie house like Hansel and Gretel cookie house YUM that sounds Wow I am hungry now give me the chocolates from the bags here please [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what happened why can’t you sleep I don’t know can you please put me off to sleep by telling me a story shorter Fuu I’ll tell you one of my favorite story the Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood lived in a hut near a forest with her mother she always wore a beautiful red hood while going out one day she went to see her grandmother on her face she met a wolf huh hello where are you going I am going to see my granny she lives behind that hill the wolf got a wicked idea the wolf ran to Granny’s house [Music] and ate her up and got into granny’s bed after some time Little Red Riding Hood reached the house she saw the wolf lying in her granny’s bed Oh granny what big eyes you have so that I can see you better granny what big ears you have so that I can hear you better granny what a baby knows you have so that I can smell you better Oh granny what they teach you have so that I can eat you better nearby a woodcutter was in the forest and he heard the scream she ran to the house just to see the wolf attacking the little girl he hid the wolf over the head and this made the wolf open his mouth and shout the granny jumped out the wolf ran away and the Little Red Riding Hood never saw the wolf again [Music] so tofu little red riding-hood was able to save herself and her old grandmother to [Music] I just don’t feel like studying let’s go out and play tofu exams are just around the corner don’t you think we should prepare for them first and then play but yeah they are still two months away we can enjoy now and study later what if they are not able to study then because of some uncertain circumstances why what would happen then you never know what tomorrow has in store for you tofu so one should always be prepared for future wait I have a little story to tell you and this would cheer you up to the ant and the grasshopper [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] why are you working so hard the Almighty has provided us with food on every tree altar why work so much just eat and relax and have fun like the way I am doing stop walking like those dumb pants come on let’s play together and feast on the food [Music] [Music] [Music] mr. grasshopper but blood that you’re enjoying today will not last for long please realize that well there is so much food gonna do sure it’s gonna be self forever once the winters arrive we will know how difficult it would get to gather food so save today so that you don’t start and winters Oh winters have long time to come till then let’s all play and dance and feast on [Music] [Music] I see hungry and helpless and tired I haven’t eaten anything in days [Music] did the grasshopper die of hunger oh my god he should have listened to the queen ant come on Tia tell me what happened next I am feeling better yes I am thanks for all the help and I think I have a lesson to learn now had I listened to you back then I wouldn’t be so miserably homeless and hungry now the grasshopper learnt a lesson the hard way yes tofu but do you know what lesson he learned yes what today and you can read the benefits tomorrow you are intelligent tofu now let’s study today and reap benefits of a hard work tomorrow you know my friend John stays with his cousins yesterday he came late to the class and the teacher scolded him a lot [Music] John said his cousin brothers made him finish their course before the little D for school she said they always trouble him and make him to a lot of housework oh no he must feel really bad John is a very nice boy he doesn’t disobeyed anyone he is very nice to his cousin brothers despite the way they treat him that is very nice of him we should always forgive people for their mistakes have you heard the story of Cinderella [Music] [Applause] [Music] once upon a time they lived a young girl called cindrella cindrella mother had died and so her father had married another woman who had two daughters [Music] one day Cinderella’s father went to work and never returned Cinderella was left at the mercy of her stepmother and two stepsisters who made her do all the work of the house Cinderella it’s morning already where is a breakfast just a moment stepmother I am just bringing it out as soon as Cinderella had laid the breakfast the stepmother and stepsisters started eating it Cinderella served her own plate too and was about to eat when her stepsister pushed her own plate away yuck I hate it yes now that you mention it it surely is horrible mother do something Cinderella are you trying to kill us what kind of food is this but stepmother I have made it the way I always make it how dare you argue with me go and make new breakfast for us don’t you dare do anything else till we have had a breakfast and this is what went on in their house every day the stepmother and stepsisters trouble Cinderella without any reason but Cinderella loved them still and never ever complained [Music] [Applause] one day an announcement was made in the village let everybody know there will be a royal ball at the palace tomorrow night and the king’s son prince charming will marry a maidens from amongst the guests everybody from the village is invited the whole village was excited even syndrom her stepmother and stepsisters couldn’t stop talking about it in the house and that is how Cinderella found out about the ball the royal ball prince charming the whole village is invited I will finish my work quickly so we can all go together wouldn’t it be just wonderful you who said anything about you going you will stay here and polish our shoes till you can see your face in them and so with a heavy heart Cinderella saw her stepmother and stepsisters dress up and leave for the royal ball the next day [Music] once they had left she cried bitterly suddenly her room lit up and Cinderella saw the most beautiful fairy she could imagine she held in her hand a delicate one who are you get up child I am the fairy godmother I am here to get you to the royal ball really I never knew I had a fairy godmother but how will I get to the ball I don’t have anything to wear you don’t worry about that my child [Music] [Music] and so in just a few minutes cindrella was ready for the royal ball [Music] as she packed her fairy godmother and got aboard the chariot she received a word of caution from the fairy godmother remember to be back home at 12:00 otherwise the spell will wear off [Music] soon Cinderella arrived at the palace as she entered the great ballroom everyone turned to look with this beautiful maiden was nobody could recognize her [Music] not even her own stepmother and stepsisters Prince Charming walked to her mail have this dance with you yes your highness and so Cinderella and Prince Charming danced together throughout the evening [Music] til Cinderella heard the clock strike fairy godmothers words came back to her she needed to get out of there before the clock struck twelve [Music] without saying a word she tore away from the princess grasp and ran out of the palace the Prince ran after her wait wait what is wrong why are you running I don’t even know your name but Cinderella dead not wait or even look back her beautiful gown was already turning into rags again her hair was coming loose from the perfect button that the fairy godmother had made for her she didn’t even stop when one of the glass slippers came off her foot and fell in the palace driveway she ran out of the palace gates and vanished into the darkness on a path that led to her home once home she went back to polishing the shoes that had been given to her and decided never to speak to anyone about the ball a few days later two men from the palace showed up at their due the lady that prince charming fell in love with left behind her glass slipper at the royal ball the prince believes that such a beautiful slipper could fit only his beloved and so we’re asking all the girls in the village to try the slipper the one whom it fits would be the one the prince will marry if you have any girls in the house please ask them to try the slipper oh yes yes I am sure it was one of my daughters the slipper would fit one of them and so both the stepsisters tried to fit their foot into the slipper one by one they pushed and pushed but couldn’t get their foot in looks like it wasn’t your daughters after all is there any other young lady in the house no there isn’t you can leave as the king’s men made ready to leave suddenly the door of the house was thrown open and Prince Charming himself stood there who is this beautiful girl in the upstairs window madam you have lied to us I demand that the girl be called forth and try the slipper yes yes but she is only a servant girl nevertheless cindrella cindrella come down here at once yes stepmother the moment Prince Charming saw Cinderella he knew he had found his beloved he took the slipper from the king’s man and slipped it on to her foot himself the slipper fit perfectly in a moment Cinderella was once again transformed into the beautiful maiden from the night of the ball Prince Charming took her to the palace with him [Music] [Applause] [Music] he ordered that the stepmother and stepsisters be punished for lying to the king’s men and treating Cinderella’s so badly and rudely but being the kind hearted person that she was Cinderella asked for them to be forgiven the Prince fell in love with her even more for her generosity and they lived happily ever after Wow dia how wonderful is it to forgive people thank you for telling me the story I will tell it to John too I’m sure he will like it okay shall we go home now I think it’s getting late for your favorite crimes stories and more join hip hop family subscribe here [Music]

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