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Your margin trading on this website is entirely an act by your own will based on your own economic situation and awareness of the risks involved, and has nothing to do with this website and any third parties. Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. The analysis/stats on CoinSwift.io are for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. All coin-margined perpetual swap and USDT-margined perpetual swap https://www.iagr.org/ with this type of currency as underlying currency will follow its corresponding currency fee schedules. For example, BTCUSD and BTCUSDT perpetual swaps are will be charged according to the Type I perpetual swap rate schedules. All coin-margined futures and USDT-margined futures with this type of currency as underlying currency would follow its corresponding currency fee schedules. For example, BTCUSD futures and BTCUSDT futures will follow the Type I futures fee schedule.


The risk of funds being seized and frozen. This website does not assume any responsibility for the privacy disclosure or account inaccessibility. Too different from market price, please fill in the price carefully. Trading cryptocurrency involves significant risk. 1 ubtc value You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved . We shall not held liable to any gain or loss of your trades. 2.User B has USDT in their BTC/USDT account. Therefore, the maximum loan amount is USDT. 1.User A has USDT in his BTC/USDT account.
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Interest begins to accrue as soon as tokens are borrowed. It continues to accrue every hour . When you encounter a 404 error in WordPress, you have two 1 ubtc value options for correcting it. It is also possible that you have inadvertently deleted your document root or the your account may need to be recreated.


OKEx distinguishes normal and VIP users according to trading volume. Normal users are divided into different tiers by their OKB holdings while VIP users by trading volume. Users‘ transaction fee on next day is determined by their tiers. There is a great risk in margin trading. 1 ubtc value If the margin account is forced to liquidate due to various factors such as bottleneck of server gateway and unstable website access, the website will not assume any legal responsibility. This website does not guarantee the accuracy and applicability of the market analysis.
1 ubtc value
The trading pairs with this type of currency as “trading currency” will follow the corresponding spot fee schedules. For example, ETH/USDT, ETH/BTC pairs will have fees as specified in the Type I spot fee schedule. When your total assets on this website are less than 115% of the loan amount, the system will https://eltorerokostenlos.com/ initiate a forced liquidation, buy or sell your assets according to the real-time order price of this website to return the loan amount. If the price fluctuates drastically and the system cannot close the position, resulting in a loss on the platform, this website has the right to recover the loss from you.

Trading Fees

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