The progressive strategy

This is the most famous roulette strategy. First I present the basic form, then the “advanced” one, even safer, but slower. But if you understand how it works, you will know that 20 minutes more to earn an extra 50 euros are worth the effort if in exchange you reduce the chances of losing the amount raised to almost zero. Quite right? We think about the long term … 50 euros today, 50 tomorrow and between statistically “lucky” days and those less, in the end the 500+ euros per month are done without too many problems (IF you keep a cool head and ALWAYS follow the rules: 10 thousand euro of extra earnings a year make you sick?).

The Progressive Strategy in Brief.

  • Bet 1 token on red;
  • If you lost, bet 2 tokens on red;
  • If you lost again, bet 4 tokens on red;
  • If you lost, bet 8 tokens on red;
  • If you lost, bet 16 chips on red;
  • Holy God, you have a 1 in 2 chance of winning – how many times do you think you can lose in a row? You have won and earned 1 margin chip!

Explanation of the progressive strategy.

In roulette you can bet not only on the numbers themselves, but also on the color red and the color black. You have a one in 37 chance that Zero will come out, which is devoid of color, in the remaining 36 these will be half red and half black.

What are the odds that red won’t come out for a single roll? 50%. For two launches? 1/2 for 1/2… 25%. For three launches? 25% for 1/2, 12.5%. For four launches? 6.25%. For five consecutive launches? Only 3.125% etc … etc …

If you bet 1 euro on the first roll (the amount I recommend playing), on the fourth consecutive black you bet 8 euro (total bet: 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 15 euro). On the fifth try, consider that the chances of five times black is just over 3%, you will bet 16 euros and, heck, you should also win now. By winning, you bring home your 16 euros plus the 16 euros of the prize: net gain of 1 euro. You will usually win every 2-3 bets, hitting five or six on a regular basis is statistically more difficult. It only takes a few seconds to place the bets: within 30 minutes you will have put away a net margin of 30-50 euros if you bet with this strategy and if you have not been statistically unlucky, but it is rare: the Big Numbers are on your side!

Variant to the Strategy: slow down the game by rubbing the bad luck!

This is a variant that I recommend to everyone: you earn more slowly, but you don’t panic about having to bet 16 or 32 euros at once (it happened to me and even if in the end I always have the margin of victory NOT it is never funny having to “see such figures at stake” for someone like me who thinks in terms of “I put 50 euros in the account and stop”). What does the variant consist of? Bet a chip on black and red together. When the same color has appeared three or four consecutive times, bet on the other color! The rest of the technique remains the same, except that it uses a delayed start. I got it? So to get to the fifth bet, that of even 16 euros (ok, these are ridiculous figures, but I’m a cautious type) in reality it would take NINE releases of the same color in a row. I mean, come on guys, that’s a measly 0.195% chance… more than tolerable! And much better than 3%.

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