helps you to add height to

yom biceps.


Reverse Curls

Purpose of Exercise: TO



This exercise is also good for best prohormone on the market

forearm development.

Execution: [1\ Standing wi th

your feet a few inches apart,

grasp a barbell with an

overhand grip and h old it

down in front of you at arm’s

length. (2) Keeping your

elbows steady, curl the weight

out and up to a position about

even with your chin . Lower

the weight through the same

arc, resisting all the way


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Gripping the bar this

way, you put the biceps in a

position of mechanical

disadvantage, so you will not

be able to curl as much

weight. The reverse grip

makes the top of the forearm

work very hard .

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Reverse Curls

for the biceps ra ther than the

forearms do not begin with

any kind of Reverse Wrist

range motion


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Keep the wrists steady

as you curl the weight up.

Notice that the thumb is kept

on top of the bar. This will

help to work the outside


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Machine Curls

A lot of equipment companies

make Curl machines designed

to allow you to subject your biceps to full-range rotary resistance. One advantage of these

machines is that they allow

you to do heavy forced negatives, your workout partner

pressing down on the weight

as you resist during the downward part of the movement.

Another is that you can often

get a longer range of motion,

giving you more stretch and

steady curl weight

total contraction. However,

machines lock you into one

steady curl weight

narrow range of motion, which

will not allow for a really full

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