The T. Thomas Fortune Foundation 6th Annual Birthday Bash Celebration was, indeed, an “Evening of Good Fortune,” with fundraising proceeds totaling over $40,000. The event was held Oct. 4, 2018, at the Oyster Point Hotel. The evening was vibrant and filled with plenty of fanfare, attracting close to 170 attendees. Sponsors included Joan and Bob Rechnitz of Two River Theater Company, Morgan Stanley, Builders General, Brookdale Community College, the Vince Gopal Civic Organization and Two River Community Bank. This year’s honorees were: Roger Mumford of Roger Mumford Homes LLC, whose company restored the T. Thomas Fortune House, Lunch Break’s Executive Director, Gwen Love, and Rev. Eric Dobson, of the Fair Share Housing Center.


The T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center is scheduled to open in February 2019. Stay Tuned!

Russ DeSantis Photography and Video, LLC


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